Compares current Forecast/Residual Values with real Disposal Values and Internet Offer Prices.

UsedCarEye is the newest addition of ExpertEye, creating a unique high value pan European product that compares current Forecast/Residual Values with real Disposal Values and Internet Offer Prices across Europe.

UsedCarEye will allow you to compare by Market, Make, Model, Segment, Fuel Type, Body Style, and Age/Mileage the above parameters within one easy-to-use tool, created and designed by ExpertEye, helping manufacturers, leasing and rental companies with decisions about the risk management and remarketing of their fleets.

UsedCarEye puts RV trends and sudden shifts into context, allowing you to minimize your risk profile, creating new opportunities for your business, such as choosing other more profitable selling channels, or disposing of your vehicles in other countries. Our analysis assesses how changes are affecting individual vehicle models (or segments, or makes, etc.) giving you the competitive edge. Our aim is to support our customers in your strategic planning, allowing you to minimize your risk, and helping you to plan from it and to obtain a higher profit from such knowledge.


Key Features


  • Identify pricing opportunities and optimize performance to improve fleet competitiveness
  • Monitor RV, DV and Internet Offer trends at different levels
  • Understand RV movements and what they mean for your business
  • Keep track of your used car values and forecast remarketing income and pricing incentives to effectively manage your profitability
  • Maximize sales opportunities by checking different strategies, channels, and countries
  • Benchmark vehicle brands and model against key competitors
  • Use of QlikView to perform a big number of different analysis by using different filters and the possibility of drilling down to interrogate the data and work on scenario planning
  • Full support from our expert team


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