Insight for Auto Manufacturers

MARKET VIEWS on the industry’s latest propositions
FINANCIAL BENCHMARKING of critical market data on Residual Values
DRIVER FEEDBACK on purchase considerations and experiences
SATISFACTION programmes which drill down to individual event experience detail

Insight for Leasing Providers

DRIVER FEEDBACK on supplier performance
BENCHMARKING end of lease disposal values
EXPOSURE ANALYSIS comparing residual value forecasts
SATISFACTION of Fleet Operators with the service they receive

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Innovative benchmarking, insight, research and enterprise feedback management for the Automotive Industry

We Provide

Live data, easy to read, at your fingertips!

Competition is fierce, making it critical to retain and expand a loyal customer base.

Only the highest quality and most up to date market feedback will allow you to make the right decisions!

Never has it been more critical to understand the specific factors that impact owners’ satisfaction with their vehicle’s long-term quality and dependability.

We Offer

With regional offices strategically located throughout Europe, ExpertEye offers the highest level of in-house expertise, industry-defining methodologies, value, accuracy, on time deliverables and uncompromised service.

What do we offer?

Accurate, effective and innovative programmes providing essential insights into the automotive industry.

Why Choose Us

Our History

ExpertEye was the brainchild of two leading industry experts, David Trümpler and Rick Yarrow, both of whom had been working in the automotive industry for many years.  The vision was to provide real time, expert and impartial advice to auto manufacturers, leasing providers and fleet operators to enable them to make the best decisions at any one time based on real time market data.

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