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Meet the team

The experteye team is a successful alliance of experienced and very well networked managers from the automotive, leasing and IT sectors.

Laurent Queinec, CEO experteye

Laurent Queinec

Chief Executive Officer

  • Over 25 years experience at OEM and Leasing Companies
  • Founder of Experteye Consulting
  • Exclusive expertise on RV/TCO optimization programs, Fleet-sales strategy, Tender management and vehicle sourcing 
  • Former experiences at Renault and Leaseplan
Florent Heitzmann, Chief Operations Officer - experteye

Florent Heitzmann

Chief Operations Officer

  • 12 years experience in asset valuation, technical pricing and corporate remarketing
  • Former experiences at Arval

Guillaume Héron, Business Development Director - experteye

Guillaume Héron

Business Development Director

  • Indepth experience of Residual Values, used car business and NSC to dealer relationship management
  • Former experiences at Volkswagen and CAP-HPI
David Trümpler, Founder & Chairman - experteye

David Trümpler

Founder & Chairman

Our products


Most advanced monthly payment benchmark solution.

Discount Tracker

Smartest way to benchmark new car discounts.

Mystery Shopping

Industry insights through remote or physical investigations.


Exclusive expertise on Residual Value, TCO, Used Car and Fleet Strategy.

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