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BtoB benchmark surveys and investigations covering a wide range of topics, giving you the needed edge in your industry.

BtoB Mystery shopping

Benefit from our 20 years BtoB experience collecting sensitive market data

BtoB Mystery shopping surveys, especially in the automotive and leasing industry requires a wealth of experience and indepth knowledge of the sector in order to provide results. We have been running such surveys in Europe for many years and we are a strong, reliable and discreet partner of leading companies.

Example of surveys :

  • Competitiveness surveys of leasing contracts
  • Collection of real market conditions for fleet car purchases
  • Analysis of salesperson behavior for Insurance products
  • Dealer reactivity and knowledge for manufacturers
  • Fleet tender simulation to test market conditions
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Customer satisfaction & supplier performance measurement for Leasing Companies

  • Driver feedback tool measuring customer satisfaction and supplier performance
  • All key events in the life cycle of a leasing contract are measured and efficient early warning mechanism triggering alerts to prevent driver ”dissatisfaction”
  • Highly cost effective solution to monitor service standards
  • Seamless integration into existing fleet management systems
  • Country scope: all European countries.
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Fleeteye CSI product screenshot by experteye

Fleeteye CSI

Fleet customer satisfaction insight for Leasing Companies

  • First B2B benchmark survey in Europe measuring fleet customer’s satisfaction with the leasing providers
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) benchmark
  • Comparison of each participating company against competitors results
  • Country scope: European countries
  • Fleeteye CSI members achieve higher satisfaction score than market average!

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Market Pricing

Industry best-in-class solutions for leasing rate analysis, pricing strategy and residual value monitoring.


Exclusive expertise on Residual Value, TCO improvement programs, used car remarketing, coaching and fleet management.

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