Risk Management Assessment for Leasing Providers – Gauge your levels of risk and exposure.

MarketEye provides a benchmark of leasing companies’ forecasts compared to the overall market to enable you to answer:-

  • Do you really know your performance for risk management in comparison with your competitors?
  • Do you really understand how to measure all key fleet risk management areas?
  • Do you know how your competitors are moving?


Key Features



MarketEye provides essential information to Operation & Risk Departments, no Risk Manager can work without it!

Our online portal enables you to benchmark your:

  • Forecast Residual Values
  • Service, Maintenance & Repair costs
  • Technical Rental Rates
  • Insurance costs, Tyre costs (on demand)
Country Coverage
Online Portal



Value Proposition


  • Monitor competitive position
  • Identify market movements
  • Adjust to market movements
  • Dynamic risk management for the local market
  • Customised B2B benchmark
  • Sanity check of own data
  • Act strategically in Sales, Marketing, Risk Controlling and Operations
  • European comparability / International reporting