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ForecastEye is a unique research product developed by ExpertEye to provide quantitative analysis of the European automotive market and future trends

Produced on a quarterly basis for key models in the main fleet segments in the top 5 EU vehicle markets (Germany, France, UK, Spain and Italy), each ForecastEye includes the following analysis: 

    • Local market Economic background and 5-year forecast
    • Local automotive market review – volumes / fuel-types *
    • Segment analysis – volumes and lifecycle analysis *   
    • Discounts analysis / Transaction price comparisons *
    • Residual value trend analysis
    • 5-year Residual value forecasts – Segment
    • 5-year Residual Value forecasts – key models
    • Client-specific key model forecasts / competitor comparisons

(* subject to data availability.  Data supplied by the client can be incorporated)