Critical information for Fleet Sales Managers & Auto Product Managers.

ManufacturerEye is the industry standard for pan European benchmarking of automotive leasing providers.

The programme enables vehicle manufacturers to compare the Residual Value, Service,  Maintenance & Repair costs and Rental Rates for their models against their competitors in the leasing market.  Our interactive web-based delivery tool allows you to quickly see the very latest data which is critical for timely and competitive market reactions.


Key Features



  • Analysis provided through a powerful web-based service.
  • Monthly reporting across residual value data, service, maintenance and repair (SMR) costs and rental rates.
  • Multi-level data including overall market averages, segment averages and market median figures for specific models.
  • Market Indices to track the competitiveness of your models with key competitor models.
  • Trend analysis back to 2003.
  • Cross market comparisons.
Country Coverage
Online Portal



Value Proposition


  • High value tool for OEMs for measuring their market performance
  • Monitor competitive position
  • Identify market movements
  • Adjust to market movements
  • Act strategically in Sales, Marketing, Risk Controlling and Operations
  • Dynamic risk management for the local market
  • Customised B2B benchmark
  • European comparability / International reporting