Industry insights through remote or physical investigations

Mystery shopping

Benefit from our 20 years experience, collecting and analysing data for the automotive industry.
Monitor your performance and get recommendations of best practices.
Manage your global performance with our capability to run studies simultaneously across Europe.

Qualitative market investigation

  • Display market best practices
  • Assess customer journey efficiency
  • Analyze performance of your partners and distributors
Mistery shopping product

Quantitative market investigation

  • Collect transaction price and discount
  • Collect leasing quotes
  • Understand leasing services components
Mistery shopping tool

+20 years working with the automotive leaders across the world

Automotive expertise

Working with industry leaders to provide strategic solutions

B2B/B2C capability

mystery shoppers with individual and corporate profile

International presence

Capable to manage international studies simultaneously in Europe

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Mystery Shopping

Industry insights through remote or physical investigations.


Exclusive expertise on Residual Value, TCO, Used Car and Fleet Strategy.

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