France Car Leasing Inflation Rate Q1 2023 (2%)

May 11, 2023

In the first quarter of 2023, the car leasing industry in France experienced an average inflation rate of 2%. However, amongst this overall increase, several brands saw a decrease in their leasing rates across different fuel types.

For PHEV fuel type: AUDI -11%

For Diesel fuel type: CUPRA -15%

For Electric fuel type: TESLA -13%

For Hybrid fuel type: KIA -3%

These variations in leasing rates across different fuel types highlight the evolving landscape of car leasing options in France.

Experteye has developed a Car Leasing Index for B2B full-service leasing contracts. It is based on major leasing companies lease rates and can be considered as a good representation of the market trends. We consider over 250.000 leasing prices per month.

The index includes financing and key services as maintenance and assistance and therefore reflects a combination of new car prices, incentives, residual values, aftersales costs and interest rate variations. In order to provide a very precise and realistic picture of the market price evolution, we retreat each leasing parameter as mileage-durations, taxation, model-mix.

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