ExpertEye offers Automotive Manufacturers the complete insight into their market.  From key data about leasing providers, dealers and the drivers themselves, we provide the complete range of business feedback about all aspects of the leasing, buying, maintenance and renewal processes.


LeaseView is the industry standard for benchmarking of Leasing Providers’ views on manufacturer’s latest market propositions.

ManufacturerEye is the industry standard for pan European benchmarking of automotive leasing providers.

DriverView provides a totally unique insight of drivers of all types of vehicles throughout the ownership lifecycle.

FleetEye Industry Review is a review of fleet operator policies, and views on issues and outlook for the future.

NetworkView collects feedback from fleet vehicle drivers on their satisfaction with the vehicle delivery and aftersales experience.

NewCarView assesses the likely RVs, operating costs and indicative rental rates for new vehicles.

UsedCarEye compares current Forecast/Residual Values with real Disposal Values and Internet Offer Prices across Europe.




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