Expertise and technology

Created in 2002, Experteye was the brainchild of two industry experts, David Truempler and Rick Yarrow. The vision was to provide real time, expert and impartial advice to car manufacturers, leasing providers and fleet operators. Experteye then diversified into market research and integrated activities related to customer satisfaction surveys. In 2018, Experteye Consulting was created in association with Laurent Queinec with the objective to provide in depth programs for car manufacturers to enhance residual values and BtoB operations. Since then, the company is eager to gather the best industry experts and to focus on high end datamining and price modeling technologies.
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Today’s automotive market is highly competitive. That is well understood. The importance of understanding the market before, during and after a sale remains a key priority. A company’s first concern must always be the quality of customers’ experiences. Clients, customers, consumers, operators, fleet managers…. whoever is making purchase decisions…. understanding their ‘voice’ is essential for your success in this constantly developing environment.


Service Tracking

Whilst feedback on features of the vehicles themselves is always important, tracking performance of services offered to the customer, over time, is perhaps the most important element of feedback. Engagement levels, interaction satisfaction, delivery as expected are all key features integral to a quality customer experience which in turn is highly influential in future decision making.


Price Monitoring

The right price is obviously the main reason for generating the purchasing process and this is valid both for vehicle prices and leasing rates. Experteye has developed sophisticated tools based on datamining market prices and surveys, that allows car manufacturers, Leasing Companies and final customers to track the competitiveness of the different offers. In the BtoB market, the expertise goes a step deeper and allows the assessment of TCO, residual values, service and maintenance and other parameters included in the full leasing rates.