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Today’s automotive market is highly competitive. That is well understood. The importance of understanding the market before, during and after a sale remains a key priority. A company’s first concern must always be the quality of customers’ experiences. Clients, customers, consumers, operators, fleet managers…. whoever is making purchase decisions…. understanding their ‘voice’ is essential for your success in this constantly developing environment.

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Service Tracking

Whilst feedback on features of the vehicles themselves is always important, tracking performance of services offered to the customer, over time, is perhaps the most important element of feedback. Engagement levels, interaction satisfaction, delivery as expected are all key features integral to a quality customer experience which in turn is highly influential in future decision making.



The auto industry is not unique in the constantly evolving consumer behaviour and expectations. It’s a constant challenge to use reliable and innovative auto industry insights which will provide clear direction on today’s markets and the customers’ demands of tomorrow. ExpertEye’s automotive industry market research for Europe has become renowned as the most authoritative source of insights into both the fleet and consumer sectors. Our access to drivers, suppliers, retailers and service providers is second to none.

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Customer Satisfaction

With ExpertEye’s proprietary online portal, our clients gain access to in-depth perspectives that quantify customer satisfaction and its relationship with key drivers and outcomes. Our 3D approach to research enables you to gain a deeper understanding of the total customer experience. You can use our customer satisfaction programmes to zero in on how satisfied customers are with the quality of an array of customer experience metrics.

Customer Support

Our customer support team is always on hand to help you make the best of your investment in your data.

Project Management

Thorough planning of our daily activities allows us to achieve even the most challenging goals promptly.

Individual Attention

We will provide you with a personal Account Manager to be on hand to answer your questions.

Quality Guarantee

You are guaranteed that our services and products meet the highest standards of quality.


Our industry specialists are also qualified to advise on best practice for your bespoke research needs.

Cost Efficiency

Our research set up means that you’ll never pay more than a realistic price for research and consultancy services.

Customer Satisfaction

We practice what we preach! We aim to surpass your expectations..

What we stand for

Our clients rely on our innovative, rapid, first-class benchmarking, research and enterprise feedback management services across Europe to keep them at the forefront of their industry.
Customers of ExpertEye use our interactive web-based reporting tools to track their competitive position, identify market movements and benchmark against their own data. Our enterprise feedback solutions enable organisations to act quickly on customer feedback to improve their service delivery. As a complete solution from data capture through to delivery, ExpertEye’s portfolio of services is integral to the strategies of many of Europe’s leading organisations.

Not known for resting on their laurels, the ExpertEye team is constantly looking for new and better services which will assist the automotive industry in understanding their market.  Whether this is a new analysis technique, a new delivery mechanism, or a different view on an existing market, we constantly strive to maintain our reputation as being the industry’s leading research agency for the European automotive industry.

The feedback we provide to our clients continually emphasises the need for keeping customers happy: ExpertEye has a 94.2% Customer satisfaction rating (Yes we do practice what we preach!).  In 2016 we created a new quality charter to ensure all our programmes are kept at the highest standards, and we pride ourselves on our open and honest relationships with all our customers.

Whilst true advocates of the value of research and insights to an organisation – that is: it is critical! – we are constantly aware of the cost pressures of our customers.  We aim to produce projects which deliver the maximum punch for the budgets available.  Whilst we will never cut corners in the delivery of a project, we will look to produce it in the most efficient manner.  Right first time is the company’s ethos!