Critical information for National Contract Hire & Leasing Managers.

LeaseView is the industry standard for benchmarking and of how manufacturers are perceived by the leasing companies, providing essential insights. All aspects of the relationship are analysed covering the following areas:

  • Brand & Vehicle Range
  • Fleet Strategy
  • Contract Support
  • Supply Process
  • Order Process
  • Dealer Performance
  • Aftersales
  • Contract Hire & Leasing Manager
  • Events & Communication

Our interactive web based delivery tool allows you to quickly see the very latest data which is critical for timely and competitive market reactions.

Key Features


Provides clear feedback on how your leasing company assesses the service you provide.

Provides a full understanding of how business continuity is driven.

Unveils your relative customer satisfaction position compared to your competitors.

Provides clear recommendations based on the impact of aspect Y to promote manufacturer Z and satisfaction with manufacturer Z in relation to aspect X.

Offers an “Action Index” which indicates which factors are most likely to most improve customer satisfaction.

LeaseView is the first true measure of how automotive manufacturers are perceived by the leasing companies.

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