Driver feedback tool measuring customer satisfaction and supplier performance for Leasing Providers.

Touchpoint is designed to provide feedback on all key “events” in the life cycle of a product and/or service provided to a customer.  Within the vehicle leasing industry Touchpoint is used extensively by contract hire companies. It offers significant benefits in gathering driver feedback on all key service events, being able to collate, report and analyse that data online with ease and simplicity. It can be integrated seamlessly into existing fleet management systems, and fully tailored to individual brand and question sets.

Key Features

Net Promoter Scores.

The ability to extend your driver CSI to the next level without the time and investment of designing and implementing new additions to your existing system.

A highly cost effective tool providing extremely valuable feedback regarding driver experiences.

The ability for key driver support departments to analyse data and determine with pinpoint precision where service improvements can be made.

An essential early warning mechanism, triggering alerts. Driver “dissatisfaction” has the latent effect of putting pressure on fleet managers and directors and can eventually cause “client” dissatisfaction – the Touchpoint system enables you to manage issues before they escalate.

An excellent monitor of service standards which can be used as part of your sales presentations.

Essential feedback to gauge changes and trends in driver demand so that improvements can be made providing competitive advantage.

A vital measure of external supplier performance and internal departmental performance so that service and operational changes can be made.  


  • Implementation
  • Order
  • Delivery
  • Reallocation
  • Pool Vehicle
  • Daily Hire
  • Accident Management
  • Break down
  • SMR
  • Glass repair
  • Tyre repair
  • Mid Contract Check
  • Driver Sales
  • PCP Purchase
  • Complaints
  • End of Contract

Pan European

All the data is provided through our interactive front end which can be accessed from the Customer Area button at the top of this site.

Leasing Provider Touchpoint is feedback from individual fleet drivers on their opinions of their experience with specific events relating to their vehicle.

Leasing Provider Touchpoint is a daily programme.