Ground-breaking analysis of dealer service levels experienced by fleet drivers.

NetworkView collects feedback from fleet vehicle drivers on their satisfaction with the vehicle delivery and aftersales experience.  In the past it has been impossible for automotive manufacturers to gain access to this information due to the difficulties of contacting fleet drivers. ExpertEye is able to do this thanks to its extensive links and research with the fleet sector.

Key Features


  • Ability to measure the service levels of individual dealers in the fleet sector
  • Drill down to analysis of individual factors influencing the service experience
  • Benchmarking against other brands
  • Detailed analysis of both the delivery and aftersales experience
  • Unique heat maps highlighting key issues
Country Coverage
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Value Proposition


  • Deliver satisfaction of Company Car Drivers at Dealer / Retailer level
  • Deliver satisfaction by Corporate Customer
  • Measure of brand loyalty
  • Valuable insight into Company Car Driver buying decisions
  • Drive up Dealer / Retailer standards in the fleet market
  • Basis for standards based Dealer / Retailer bonus programmes
  • Highlight differences between Fleet and Retail drivers