Risk Management Assessment for Leasing Providers – Gauge your levels of risk and exposure.

MarketEye provides a benchmark of leasing companies’ forecasts compared to the overall market to enable you to answer:-

  • Do you really know your performance for risk management in comparison with your competitors?
  • Do you really understand how to measure all key fleet risk management areas?
  • Do you know how your competitors are moving?

Key Features

MarketEye provides essential information to Operation & Risk Departments, no Risk Manager can work without it!

Our online portal enables you to benchmark your:

  • Forecast Residual Values
  • Service,Maintenance & Repair costs
  • Technical Rental Rates
  • Insurance costs, Tyre costs (on demand)







Plus pan European Overview

All the data is provided through our interactive front end which can be accessed from the Customer Area button at the top of this site.

MarketEye is a vendor contribution programme. Leasing providers pool their data in order to gain feedback on individual performance against the current market statistics.

MarketEye is a monthly programme.

Value Proposition

  • Monitor competitive position
  • Identify market movements
  • Adjust to market movements
  • Dynamic risk management for the local market
  • Customised B2B benchmark
  • Sanity check of own data
  • Act strategically in Sales, Marketing, Risk Controlling and Operations
  • European comparability / International reporting