ManufacturerEye, critical information for Fleetsales, Managers and Product managers.
ManufacturerEye is the industry standard for pan European benchmarking of automotive leasing providers.

The programme enables vehicle manufacturers to compare the Residual Value, Service, Maintenance & Repair costs and Rental Rates for their models against their competitors in the leasing market. Our interactive web-based delivery tool allows you to quickly see the very latest data which is critical for timely and competitive market reactions.

Key Features

Analysis provided through a powerful web-based service.

Monthly reporting across residual value data, service, maintenance and repair (SMR) costs and rental rates.

Multi-level data including overall market averages, segment averages and market median figures for specific models.

Market Indices to track the competitiveness of your models with key competitor models.

Trend analysis back to 2003.








Plus pan European Overview

All the data is provided through our interactive front end which can be accessed from the Customer Area button at the top of this site. Its powerful filter facility allows you to home in on specific model benchmarks.

ManufacturerEye is based on real market data collected from leasing providers in each market.

ManufacturerEye is a monthly programme