Unique information for Auto Product Managers & Fleet Sales Managers.

DriverView provides a totally unique insight of drivers of all types of vehicles throughout the ownership lifecycle. In a continuously updated live dashboard drivers of all types of vehicles are tracked including:

  • Retail Customers
  • Fleet Drivers
  • LCV Drivers
  • Daily Rental Drivers

Key Features

DriverView tracks all aspects of the ownership life cycle covering pre-purchase considerations, satisfaction with the product they drive, in life experience and future buying intentions. Key features include:

Measurements of competitiveness position by brand and by model

Comparisons between different types of driver (fleet vs retail)

Identification of key competitive models under consideration by drivers of your vehicles

Analysis of both satisfaction and importance of key specification features

In depth analysis of aftersales experience

Analysis of key factors influencing the buying decision


Available in all European countries. 

All the data is provided through our interactive front end which can be accessed from the Customer Area button at the top of this site.

DriverView is based on feedback collected from all types of drivers, whether they own or lease their vehicle.

DriverView is a quarterly programme.