Benchmarking ‘end of lease’ disposal values for Leasing Providers.

DisposalEye is the first European industry benchmark to measure leasing companies’ performance in the Remarketing process with the market. It provides essential data on vehicle re-sale values enabling leasing companies to measure their own disposal performance against market trends. The “End of contract” is a crucial time when overall profits (or losses) are realised, and through DisposalEye leasing companies gain an invaluable insight into their re-sale performance.

Key Features



DisposalEye includes a totally customisable online tool to:

  • Calculate overall profit or loss against the market results
  • Evaluate trend performance for specific versions and engines on
    • sales price
    • volumes / market share
    • days in stock
    • average damage costs
  • Identify vehicles ‘on risk’
  • Set resale prices by using the all new Price Picker feature


Country Coverage
Online Portal

Value Proposition


  • An accurate measure of re-sale margins against industry averages
  • The ability to formulate future strategies on a model by model basis and feed that back into your risk and forecasting teams
  • The comparison of disposal values in a single market which adds weight to the on-going development and planning of remarketing activities
  • A strategic tool providing objective measurement at a defining moment in the contract life