Unique information for Auto Product Managers & Fleet Sales Managers.

DriverView provides a totally unique insight of drivers of all types of vehicles throughout the ownership lifecycle. In a continuously updated live dashboard drivers of all types of vehicles are tracked including:-

  • Retail Customers
  • Fleet Drivers
  • LCV Drivers
  • Daily Rental Drivers

Key Features


DriverView tracks all aspects of the ownership life cycle covering pre-purchase considerations, satisfaction with the product they drive, in life experience and future buying intentions. Key features include:

  • Measurement of competitive position by brand and by model
  • Comparisons between different types of driver (fleet vs retail)
  • Identification of key competitive models under consideration by drivers of your vehicles
  • Analysis of both satisfaction and importance of key specification features
  • In depth analysis of aftersales experience
  • Analysis of key factors influencing the buying decision.
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